Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
Our Lady, Queen of the Universe Catholic Church
2421 Shady Lane, Huntsville, AL 35810

The purpose of this policy is to define the intended objectives, use, and content of the website of Our Lady, Queen of the Universe Catholic Church.

This policy applies to all visitors, staff, parish family members and volunteers of Our Lady Queen of the Universe Catholic Church.

Our Lady, Queen of the Universe Catholic Church, Huntsville, AL, hereinafter referred to as OLQU, has developed and operates the following website, www.olqu.org for the purpose of providing the most up-to-date, accurate, and useful information for its parishioners and the community at large about the various ministries, activities, and the life of our Church. We also want to inform visitors of the terms, rules, and principles that govern access and usage of this website.

It is the responsibility of all who use and contribute content to the olqu.org website to review and understand this policy. The Webmaster, as defined in the next section, shall practice and enforce the policies and guidelines listed in this document.

The Webmaster is Jim Chaloupka, who is a member of OLQU parish and its Communications Ministry. All comments and suggestions regarding this web site should be made through the Webmaster link. This information is forwarded to the appropriate parties for inclusion and reviewed for content, accuracy, and appropriateness. Please note that the Webmaster, along with the Communications Ministry, has the right to accept, decline, or edit any submission for publication.  It should be understood that the Webmaster is subject to the directives of the Communications Ministry.

The addition, deletion, and modification of information contained on the OLQU website will be done by the parish Communications Ministry or designee, without prior notice and in a manner consistent with the policies adopted by OLQU.

This website contains links to other web sites that may be of interest to the parishioners and visitors to our site. The Communications Ministry must review and approve all web page links on the OLQU web page. The Communications Ministry will also provide guidance for acceptable content of web pages. Please e-mail the Webmaster with your questions regarding contributions and inputs to the OLQU web page. OLQU is not responsible for the content or practices of these external links. However, if you notice that a linked website has inappropriate material, please email the Webmaster so that this link can be investigated and removed if deemed necessary. If there are any broken links leading to these external websites, please email the Webmaster so that these links may be corrected or removed as necessary.

All content displayed on our website is the intellectual property of OLQU Parish, with the exception of external links or where otherwise noted. Any reproduction, publication, or transmission of this content is prohibited without the written permission of OLQU. Items used on the website which are not property of OLQU are used with the owner’s written consent and are noted as such. See Section 11, Copyrighted Materials.

9.1 General
Information received from all visitors/users to the website is limited to typical log information: an IP and service provider, date/timestamp, referrer URI, and browser type.  However, we realize that sometimes it may be necessary to e-mail the Webmaster or other persons listed on the website.  Be aware that in e-mailing a listed person that you are providing the recipient with an e-mail address that they may use to respond back to you.  Neither the Webmaster nor any parish member will sell or provide your email address to a third party for any reason—no exceptions.  A third party is defined as an individual or group looking to use your e-mail address for their own benefit, including, but not limited to, profitable organizations.  Parish members solely providing parish information or clarifications to the user are not considered third parties, and therefore, your address may be forwarded to appropriate parish members in order to help relay only parish information to you.  Where it is deemed necessary, the sender will be informed and asked if their email may be forwarded. Due to the nature of the Internet, any information that you send electronically may be intercepted and viewed by other parties, and as a result, we suggest that you NOT communicate sensitive information via e-mail.

9.2 Cookies
Users accessing sections of the website that require a login should understand that cookies may be used.  Cookies will contain no personal information, simply a login name and session identifier.  Sessions will have a short but reasonable timeout period, after which a user will be required to login.  Always remember to logout upon completion of viewing and close your browser.  Sessions are destroyed after the timeout period or on logout.  Disallowing cookies may cause a user not to be able to login, or may cause a frustrating experience when dealing with persistent login requests.

The OLQU Web Site will include the following:

The OLQU Website WILL NOT include:

No text, photographs, graphics, or music whose copyright is held by another party may be used on the web page of a Diocesan parish, school, agency, or department without the written permission of the appropriate copyright holders.

The OLQU Pastor, Father Joy Chalissery has approved this policy